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Saturday: 9am to 12pm

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General Medical

Annual Health checks
Diabetes, smoking, heart health, cancer risk assessment
Suturing, wound care and referral
Minor Surgery
Removal of skin lesions, cryotherapy, cautery
Insurance Medicals
Diving Certificates
Commercial and recreational *
Travel Medicine
Medical kits, vaccination advice

Paediatric Health

Well child checks
From 6 weeks
Advice, administration and recall

Adolescent Health

General Well Being
Sexual Health
Checks and advice
Advice, administration and recall

Women's Health

Well women checks
Cervical smears
Advice, administration and recall **
Breast Examination
Mammogram advice, referral and recall
Menopause Management

Men's Health

Well men checks
Prostate Checks
Advice, administration and recall **
Bowel Cancer Checks

Care of Elderly

General Well Being Checks
Needs Assessment
Advice and referral

Services may not be provided by all doctors *

Service maybe free for eligible patients **

Our nurses are trained to undertake many of the above services including;

immunisations, cervical smears, removal of stitches and wound care.