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Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Emergency 111 EMERGENCY: 111
Contact Us: (09) 376 3015


Adults Enrolled and Funded 50.00
14 yrs and over Enrolled  Funded, with CSC 18.50
  Non Funded, without CSC  95.00
ACC Surcharge   50.00
Follow up ACC Consult    40.00

Did Not Attend

If you are unable to make your doctors appointment PLEASE call and cancel. Phone 376-3015

If you have not cancelled your appointment within 3 hours, your usually consult fee will be charged. Please be mindful another patient may need an appointment.

Standard Consultation (Face to Face, Phone and Virtual)            

Adults Enrolled and Funded  50.00
14 years and over Enrolled  Funded, with CSC  18.50
  Non Funded  95.00
  One off Casual Visit 110.00
ACC Surcharge  without CSC  50.00
   with CSC  18.50
Follow up ACC Consult  without CSC  40.00
   with CSC   18.50

Children & Young Persons  
Under 14 yrs   Free
ACC Surcharge   Free
  Enrolled and Funded  40.00
  Enrolled and Funded, with CSC  18.50
14 - 17 yrs Non Funded,  80.00
  Non Funded, with CSC  70.00
ACC Surcharge   50.00
Follow up ACC Consult    40.00


Other Services



Minor Surgery, Travel Vaccinations, Ear Suctioning prices are available on inquiry.

Fees listed are a guideline only. These are the fees usually charged for a 15 minute consultation. There may be extra charges for materials used or additional services.

Fee reductions apply only once funding by the Ministry of Health is confirmed which may take several  weeks.

Non NZ residents in general do not get any subsidy and pay the full rate.

We have eftpos and credit card facilities, fees are paid at the end of the consultation.

Nurse consultations for blood pressure checks, diabetes checks, wound care (if not ACC funded), injections, liquid nitrogen  are chargeable
Nurse Fees From 15.00
Cervical Smear With Doctor Consultation an extra 6.00
  Or Practice Nurse  40.00
                Faxed / Emailed  28.00
  URGENT same day  35.00
Liquid Nitrogen  From  15.00 
Injection From  20.00
Medical Forms WINZ etc 25 - 80
Ear Suctioning    







Well Mans Medical   100.00+
Well Women's Check   100.00+
Dive and Padi Medicals        POA

Medical Reports

Insurance, any legal reports 80.00+ 

Repeat Prescriptions

In some circumstances, Herne Bay Medical Centre patients can order repeat prescriptions without making an appointment for certain long term conditions.  In some circumstances you may be asked to make an appointment before a prescription can be written.

Repeat scripts can be requested over the phone or through Manage My Health. The script will be emailed to the pharmacy of your choice on the next working day. Due to COVID there will be no collection of scripts from the practice until further notice.